Colors Of Love…

I Had wrote a poem once and named it the Colors of Love and wanted to share it today… it goes like thisChucks Ipad 066

You have colored my world red,orange,yellow, green,indigo,purple and blue,

and when I drift off to sleep at night I have sweet dreams of you.

You have become my brightest yellow sunshine even in the rain,

your touch chases away those blue dark feelings, and drive away any pain.

Can I color you a bright orange or a fire truck red???

Can I kiss and hold you passionately tonight as we snuggle up in bed.

Your eyes just melt me with that sexy green with speckles of gold,

Will you let me forever love you even after we get OLD??

You make me all warm and cozy like the color of indigo,

even when its freezing outside with over 4 feet of snow.

You have colored many of my nights purple with silver linings of grey,

because our hearts have been joined together more with each passing day.

Thank you for the colors you have  given me and brought into my life,

thank you for the joys we have shared and for making me your wife.