Gettin Older

Good Morning everyone, grab a quick cup of coffee with me and sit with me just for a  few. If you need a cup I got a fresh pot on and I’ll pour you a cup. This morning is my 57th birthday and it’s going to be a good day I can feel it in my bones!!

I don’t feel any older but when I look in the mirror, I see wrinkles I never seen before, gray hair popping out everywhere! (which I have earned every one I have) I have to look real close to the mirror to even be able to see good to put on makeup these days, which I don’t wear much of any more, I figured if you don’t like how I look now then you don’t have to be looking .I got spider veins all over my legs, and I don’t even like spiders so how did I get them… lol But you want to know something….. I feel good!!! I mean I may be over weight by the Dr’s standards , and may have some aches and pains from time to time but all in all I feel good.
I love my life, I love the man I am with and have been with for the last 9 years now, I have been blessed to have 6 wonderful kids ( who by the way gave me every grey hair I have earned) My Children have given me so far 8 wonderful and very beautiful grand kids and one more on the way, and through this relationship I am in now I have also become a GREAT Grandma to 1 very handsome young man.

Birthdays isn’t about getting gifts any more ( but hey I wont turn them down either) they are another year to celebrate all the good things in my life , all the beautiful things I have seen and got to experience. It’s another year to start enjoying more in life that is going to be full of surprises and adventures. I know all will not be good ones, because nothing in life always goes just like you want them to, life isn’t a bowl full of cherries with out the pits like they say … but you can learn from the bad and get valuable lessons from them… This I have learned over all these years so far.
Something else I learned …. you NEVER take for granted anything because one day you will have it and the next it may be gone… be thankful for what you do have, don’t wish and want for more than you can grasp, there is a reason you don’t always get what you want in life, live life to its fullest that you can, smile and laugh often is words I always heard people say but never really understood them till I started this old age thing.Now I do just that… Live, laugh, love and smile often.
Birthdays are a day of celebration because that was the first day you came into this world, and to me I celebrate being here still able to enjoy every little thing I can. Like the beauty of a single daisy standing tall.. all alone blooming, along the road I walk trying to get in my 10,000 steps. (which I haven’t got to yet but I will) A deer in the field grazing and looks up at me but doesn’t run away and just goes back to eating as I snap a picture, the cows looking at me with those big beautiful brown eyes like I’m a crazy woman who talks to them as I go past them not once but twice… I tell them shhh …don’t tell everyone but I am a bit crazy.

I enjoy being able to take something plain like beads and string and turn it into beautiful bracelets to give to people to brighten up their day. I made these Morse Code bracelets for a few friends058

I enjoy  taking yarn and crocheting a blankets to help keep my my family and friends I care about  warm, the picture on the left is how most of the time I get to crochet, while cuddling with my fur babies and the right one is how it turned out when I was finished


or a hat for my honey to wear when he goes turkey hunting, he says he blends right in with this one and the turkeys can’t see him

sewing pocket warmers for my son who is homeless to help keep him a little warmer, and  crocheting scarves, and ornaments for co workers,and family

I get joy out of doing little things for others and watching their faces light up, and knowing I did something good for someone else…. I did my good deed for another day.

I enjoy the beautiful sun rises and sun sets I have been able to see every morning and evening along my walks and from my front porch

,the smile from a stranger, a good hug from my sweetheart, when I come home, the voice of my children when they call, watching my older brother do his video gaming, and listening to his commentary and re-enactments of Fifty Shades of Grey…omg sooo funny!!! Seeing strangers come into the store I work at sometimes a bit grumpy but by the time they leave they walk out the door with a smile I have given them, a simple thank you when I help someone having troubles getting around and I help them take groceries out to their car, little things in life to me mean so much more now than they use to.
I guess what I’m getting at here is that getting older isn’t so bad, it all depends on how you look at it and deal with it all and I feel like the good lord has blessed me and given me 57 wonderful years so far to enjoy, and I plan on enjoying many more….and I hope you all do the same.
Well guess that’s it for this one , I hope you enjoyed your quiet time with me this morning …. until our next coffee break time … enjoy the little things in life, and if you feel like leaving a comment and letting me know what little things in your life that makes you smile the most than please do feel free to do so I would love to hear from you all.
Have a wonderful day everyone ………….. till next time sip your coffee slowly and try to enjoy life around you .