About Me

Hi ..My name is Elaine, please come join me for a quick cup of coffee, have a seat and I’ll tell you a bit about myself . I am a mother to 6 wonderful grown children who has so far… given me 8 beautiful grand kids, Ranging from ages 21- 3 months of age.  I am also called great granny to one very handsome little boy who is about 3 months of age now . I am now as of June 10th 55 years young, and proud of my age. I am not ashamed to tell anyone how young I am, because I have accomplished a lot for the 55 years I have been on this earth. I have earned every grey hair I have found on my head it shows experience, and that I have survived even thru the toughest of times. I do not classify myself as old or anyone else for that matter till the ripe age of 125, till then I say you are forever young.

I am a part-time cashier and I enjoy helping others and sharing smiles with my customers. They say that is one of the main reasons they continue to shop at the place where I work. Hum …just thought of something else I want to write about …customer service… but that will be for another time… Right now I want to tell you more about me and who I am so we aren’t strangers on here… where was I… oh yea …I have been married 3 times…oh and FYI: Don’t believe anyone when they say 3rd time’s a charm,it’s not.. but I am still trying to get it right. I have a very special man in my life now and he has put up with all my craziness for the last 7 years (or will be in Nov.) he has shown me what it truly means to be in love and “a part” of someone, not just “with” someone. He has shown me more beauty that is around us, and made me laugh more ,than I have seen and done in all the 55 years I have been living. I guess you never really appreciate what beauty and love truly is until you slow down and learn to enjoy life, and the person you are sharing it with.

I guess if you ask anyone that knows me how they would describe me they probably would say first and foremost….umm crazy !! Then they would say one if not all of these… lovable, happy, crafty, helpful, caring, a nut, unbelievable, persistent, energetic, poetic, creative, animal lover, junk food junkie, space cadet, forgetful, and (taking a deep breath) a yankabilly ( part Hoosier part hillbilly) I’ll explain that one in a future writing as well… yes I am all of those and probably more that I have missed.  Oh yea and I love to take pictures and a profesional by no means too… see my pic below…  That really is ONE of my outside cats I caught her right in the middle of yawning, her name is Moonshine .

The whole reason I started blogging is to be able to voice my opinions about things that really get me going. It’s a way for me express myself and my feelings about things, that I observe, do, hear, or wonder why.  It may be a poem that just hits me and I have to jot it down. It may be a craft that I get hooked on and want to share to see what everyone else thinks. It may be about how crazy this world is getting and the stupid stuff I see people do, and there is a lot of that these days!! I may not write a lot or often but when I do and you all decide to comment or maybe even follow me just know this… I am thankful for you being here and letting me know what you think . If you want to see a little bit of what and who I am all about check out my pinterest page…https://www.pinterest.com/ekkentner/

Well I guess that is all I really have to say for now, my coffee cup is empty and I’m sure yours is too so it’s time to get up from here and get something done .I just thought I would introduce myself so maybe I wouldn’t seem like such a stranger to you all. Hope everyone has a great evening, hope all the dad’s out here had a Happy Father’s day and I will be back soon till then …keep smiling …

10984274_10202494799730619_4993151007757441957_nand make it a great day!!!


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