Feelings Of Love

Good Morning …. Have you gotten your cup of coffee yet?? If not I’ll wait here while you do… lets share a cup together this morning.cropped-1520973441.jpg

Okay just want to start off by saying Good Morning to everyone joining me this morning for this cup of coffee. I know some of you are probably really busy this morning, so I wont make this a long one this morning. Just wanted to talk to ya about the feelings of Love…
I just celebrated my 9 year anniversary with my sweetheart  and it feels great!!  Every day I wake up and look at him it feels like the first day we meet. Have you ever had the feeling of … wow I’ve known this person it seems like all my life?? Or it feels so comfortable and right, Like I know we have meet before … but where??

Do you ever get the butterfly feeling deep in your stomach every time they come near… like a school kid who has a crush on someone???  Or ever start to get tingles all over, and an uncontrollable smile comes across your face just from the slightest touch from them… or from just thinking of them???

Does your knees ever go weak and you just feel like melting when they hug and kiss you or reach out and ever so slightly touch you?? Do you wish that time would hurry up and go by so you can get out of where you are just to get back with that special someone???
After 3 failed marriages I thought the feeling of love for me was lost… that it was a unreal… that it was just something made up in fairy tales… that it never really existed. When people said it, they were just making it up trying to make their lives sound good for others.I thought it was something you only read in books or seen in movies. I questioned if it was real….does it really exist??

I had those feelings with my 1st marriage , guess it was just because I got married so young and had a baby on the way at the age of 16, everything was so brand new and exciting. Shortly after that and the kids kept popping out( 4 total with my 1st husband) That  exciting feeling faded away and after 14 years of not knowing how to get those feelings back or what to do one problem lead to another and we finally split up.I thought then those feelings would never come back for me.
I will admit I was wrong….. YES… you read it right… This woman admits when she is wrong. I have learned that over the years if you are wrong admit it.. don’t be bull headed and think you always have to be right about things. It will cause problems that sometimes can be UN-fixable.

Those Feelings of Love are REAL…. They do exist…. if you don’t have them you need to figure out how you can get them back.
How about holding hands and going for a walk with that special someone… or how about going to a favorite spot down by a lake or a river or stream with a picnic basket and just enjoy your time together


Watch a sunset while holding hands all cuddled up together..chucks-ipad-350

How about just making a surprise dinner for them and have it by candle light…. maybe sitting on their lap and kissing and holding them tenderly, after a long day.  Even just doing something small for them that you may not think is important shows love and in turn makes you both feel good. It has a tendency to kick start those feelings of love to get you back to where you belong.

You could make them a good breakfast, wake them up with a gentle hug and kiss, cuddle up with them on the couch under a warm blanket and watch your favorite movie after a hard day, have a glass of tea,pop,anything they enjoy drinking waiting for them when they get home, Give each other a massage, have a foot soak ready for your loved one if they are on their feet all day … ANYTHING to put that feeling of love back into your life will be well worth it!!!
Now I’m no expert on the feelings of Love I just know from experience that Love is like a photo….when you first feel it it is full of color like this ….

it warms you all over, it puts a never ending smile on your face, you see everything different, it puts a pep in your step, it makes you feel like a school kid with a crush, it puts butterflies in your tummy, makes your knees weak when they are close by, and gives you those tingles…
But as time goes by and you get sometimes too comfortable with each other, you don’t do as much together. You sit in separate chairs and not speak or laugh together, you pretty much just exist together. Your lives become black and white… it looses the color…the pizazz, the feelings, the closeness, the butterflies in the tummy, the weak knees when you touch each other, that special feeling you once felt when you first meet each other.
People … don’t loose that in your lives, try to make everyday with that special someone special in some way. Even if it is just a small jester, tell them every morning how much you love them, show them in someway every day how much they mean to you. Cuddle with them in bed every night before you go to sleep don’t just get in bed say good night and each roll over away from each other and drift off to sleep. Keep your lives together full of those special moments that are unexpected to keep those feelings  of love flowing and growing. Like my Grandma use to say….
For with out Love in your life…
your relationships will be full of struggles and strife”.
Now with all this being said it is time for me to get off here and get my sweety a good dinner cooking for tonight, I’m going to make him one of his favorite dinners… Roast with potatoes and carrots in a crock pot, going to make some biscuits to go with it, sweet tea to drink, and an apple crisp for desert.
I truly hope that in some way this helps someone to put that “Feelings of Love” back into their lives not only on Valentine’s day but every day, and I thank you for sharing that coffee break with me once again this morning….. until next time … keep the Love flowing…


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Mother to 6 Grandmother to 8 just became a Great granny to 1 all at age 55. I love every grey hair I got, because I earned them. I enjoy sharing smiles,writing poems when inspired. I love taking pictures, animals, crafting, crocheting and sewing. God gave us the beauty around us to enjoy and that's what I do

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