Wow!! Can’t Believe I won!!

Good morning everyone!! Welcome to my little blog.Grab a cup of coffee or what ever you enjoy and sit a spell with me, got some exciting news to share….

I woke up to some great news today…I’m so excited!!! Let me start from the beginning..I was woke up early this morning by my cats that wanted their food bowl filled up. If you have pets you know they have their way of getting you to do what they want when they want. They were in the bedroom climbing all over the dresser knocking stuff off , jumping on the bed,pawing at the window till I just couldn’t sleep anymore. So I got up gave them something to eat, and sat with my morning coffee to go thru the thousands of junk emails I seem to constantly get.

Surfing thru all my junk in my email box and hitting the delete button over and over briefly reading the subject on them to make sure it’s not something I want to keep. Ohhh I like the fave quilt ones..keeping those to look thru later..ohhh and instant pot recipes, need to keep those to look thru..and quilt bloggers like Patty Mac I keep those to look thru to get some inspiration when I can’t get my sew-jo going..

SPAM… spam… spam… ANd more spam…my inbox is filled daily with them, so much so it’s gotten hard to keep up with them all. Just the other day I deleted over 1000 emails of spam just to scroll to the top and see 12 more already came in. As fast as I delete them…the more comes in…. sheww…maybe one day I’ll get it all cleaned out just to start all over again. Any way back to the reason for this blog….

I recently read a blog hop from and it was really intresting. Usually if something don’t keep my interest I don’t keep reading, but this blog hop to me was very interesting. They have these quilt cards, that are simple and easy to make quilts. Each one of the bloggers that participated got to choose which one they would make and show and tell a little about it. I loved seeing all the different colors and ways they put the quilts together, it got me interested in making some of the quilts myself so I ordered 5 pattens off their web site..all super easy excited to do them . Any way in this blog hop they was having a giveaway that had tons of really great prizes to win just by subscribing and commenting on the different blogs.They ran this blog hop for a week and each day a few different bloggers added their blog with the quilt they made as well as some offered some really cool prizes in their sites as well. Never thought I’d win anything…I just enjoyed reading the different blogs about quilting since I’m new at it I try to read what ever I can to get helpful tips and tricks to help me on my quilting journey.

So here I sit with my morning coffee, in the peace and quiet as my sweetheart sleeps in the next room. I’m going thru my email getting rid of the junk ones and keeping ones I like. I keep the fave quilt ones, instant pot dinner ones, and anything that looks important to look at later. Delete…delete…delete……then I see one from Villa Rosa Designs, actually there was twelve in one email.I have it so when someone emails me if it’s from the same place it groups them all together instead of listing them one at a time. Not thinking anything about it, I opened it and was reading that they had picked some winners from their blog hop congratulation to this one they won this prize..and congratulations to this person they won this prize…, as I was reading down the list of who won which prize, all of a sudden I seem my comment I made on their blog hop post

I won…I can’t believe it!!! I actually won something!!I had to read it again..wipe my glasses off…and make sure it wasn’t it’s really real!! That’s my comment on the blog hop, they picked my comment!!! Wait till my honey heard what I won when he gets up!!

I was so excited I couldn’t eyes!! I choked while swallowing my coffee!! I never won anything before!! I could believe it…I WON!!! Maybe it wasn’t the grand prize but it didn’t matter to me. I couldn’t remember what design they were referring to so I went back to the Villa Rosa Design web site to look it up. The one I won is the first one on the left..and it’s not just the pattern it’s a QUILT a finished quilt I won!!ūüėģūüėģ…at least that’s how it sounds…right…am I reading it right…it’s a QUILT …not just the pattern…ohhh my gosh what a great way to start my week…I’m Soooo excited!!!!

Once it gets here I’ll have my honey help me take a picture of it! Wow….can’t believe I finally won something!! This is a great way to start off my week…thank you everyone for stopping by this morning to read this short post and Thank you for the awesome prize, look forward to reading more and doing some of the quilt patterns from them.

leave me a comment and tell me if you have ever won √†nything, or even just to say hi would love to hear for you all ..hope you all have a blessed day…I sure feel blessed today!ūüíē


Time passes….

Hello again…thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my ramblings. First I would like to apologize for been gone for so long and not being here for you. A lot has happened since my last blog post and my memory isn’t great remembering passwords and things anymore.I have been locked out of numerous accounts¬† and have had to reset up new ones,all because my memory has failed me..People say write down things you want to remember but then when I can’t remember where I put it so it don’t do me much good.

It took an email from WordPress to remind me I had a blog here, so here I am once again jotting down the ramblings of an old woman. I have been thru a surgery that was supposed to help lift my bladder, but instead they did a different surgery , a urethra sling thinking that would made it more difficult to use the restroom at times, and did nothing for my bladder trying to pop out from time to time. They say do your kegal exercises …ok.. The more I do them, the more it hurts. It’s got to the point where one kegel squeeze equals one trip to the bathroom.

So after 2 years of dealing with prolapse organs I finally got a good Dr that fixed it the right way. I had a complete vaginal hysterectomy because he said it was more than just my bladder that was trying to pop out it was definitely not news I wanted to hear. I had all my baby making stuff pulled out and my organs that were trying to come out with it put back in place. I thought I would be in dreadful pain after, but I wasnt.I was very surprised. I just had mild cramping that only lasted 4 days. Once I healed up Dr says no lifting over 20 lbs anymore or Everything he has pulled up into place will fall again. When I returned back to work and¬† told my boss I can do lite work still, but just can’t be lifting the cases of can goods, cases of pet food, cases of laundry soap.¬† His reply was well guess we don’t need you anymore.. after 10 years of faithful service guess that’s just one of the disadvantages of getting old, out with the old with the new, ..ūüėŹ time for early retirement I guess…

So…what have I been doing since I had to take early retirement?? Well It took some getting used to not working and just being home. In the beginning I thought I would go stir crazy. It’s taken me some time to get use to and only receiving a check once a month, didn’t have a 401k or any kind of savings stashed back for a rainy day… just the retirement check once a month. It’s changed a lot for me, how to budget my bills a bit tighter, can’t just run and buy what ever we want, can’t just go driving around to enjoy the day gas prices to high¬† and rising still!( It’s crazy and getting worse) We have learned to conserve it for when we do need to make a trip to town for groceries or Dr appointment. People think when you retire you get to take more trips¬† when you want but that’s not always the case,you have to manage your money a bit more tighter not be so free with it so it last hopefully till you get another check.

So since I have nothing else but time now…I’ve been doing things I haven’t been able to do while I was working, like crocheting, and some sewing and back to trying to make quilts. I have one in process that I can’t show right now because it’s going to be a surprise, and if by chance they read this post …don’t want them seeing it. Once it’s mailed off and they get it then I’ll do a post about it. For now It’s ready to go the quilter at my local quilt’s taken me awhile for this one, and I’ve lost my sewjo during it but finally got it almost done!! Once I get it back, I’ll learn how to put on the binding and finally be done with it. It’s not a pattern I followed I did this myself, from drawing it out on graph paper to cussing and ripping out seams and reworking it over and over till I got it right. The pictures below are ones I am still working on.

I’m still trying to get the basics right,and it’s a learning process, but since I have nothing do its good therapy for me. When I get hot flashes or irritable because I have no control over my hormones I go in my craft room and play with fabric. I’ll sit and play with fabric or crochet, or just watch seeing videos and practice. Honey says since I had this full hysterectomy my mood swings are getting wilder and wilder, so this is my therapy, and what I have been up to..

Any way … guess that’s all for today.. I want to thank you for stopping by and reading the ramblings of an old lady…. leave me a comment as to what you do to help you relax and not be stressed. Hope you have a blessed dayūüĆĻūüĆĻ

Life Is Not Always What You Want It To Be….

Good morning..grab a cup of coffee ,tea, water, or what ever you like to drink to wet your whistle, come join me for a quick break, if you would please..I just need someone to talk with a bit and vent to get something that’s bothering me off my chest…

I know I’m not on here a lot, and I’m not a seasoned blogger , still a beginner here but sometimes I just feel like sharing a few thoughts with you. A lot of stuff I do keep to my self and deal with it best I can but the more I do …the more it eats at me so I needed a place to write it down to get it out of my system, so here I am.

Let me start off by saying I love all my kids and my grandkids and Yes I even have a few great grandkids. I always swore I would not be a butt in parent and be meddling in their lives by telling them they should or shouldn’t do something or how to do it. I figured kids need to learn from doing and making their own mistakes or sucessess. Some parents and grandparents are involved in every part of their kids and grandkids daily lives ( there is nothing wrong with that if you are) and always telling them what they should do or shouldnt. They jump in and be more of a parent instead of a grandparent and take over everything not letting the kids learn things themselves. I had parents like that and they were always telling me how I should do things, got mad when I didn’t do it their way because they said so and disciplined my kids, the way they thought was right. I didn’t want my kids to be raised like that so I let them make their own choices once they were old enough to understand right from wrong. Right or wrong it was theirs to deal with and learn from.I may not have been the best but I did what I thought was right and the best I could. And my kids have all grown up and made me a very proud parent and grandparent.

All my kids are grown and have kids of their own and their kids are grown . Most just out of high school and going to collage and learning things and doing things and making wise decisions. I’m so very proud of all my kids and grandkids, and the ones that are making me a great grandma ..well let’s just say I pop my buttons every time I got to see something about them. I don’t live close to them anymore to be able to be a constant daily part of their lives , because we all live in different states. So social media is how I try to keep up with everyone. It’s how over the years I’ve gotten to watch them grow, and get to see what’s going on with them. I’ve laughed and cried at some of their post and wished my life was different so I could have been there for them. I’ve missed a lot of big moments in their lives that I should have been there for by living so far away and not having the funds to travel to see them, or a dependable vehicle that would get me there safely and back. I didn’t have time I could take off from work because I was classified as part time and part timers don’t get vacation only full time.

I’m not rich but I’m not dirt poor either.I do what I can do… I don’t make a lot of money as a cashier here in Ky to be able to stash away for trips,or what some call “a rainy day” or to just buy things all the time or things I really want. I make due with what I have, or repurpose things to work for what I need.I make things for others out of love and give it to them no charge. I’ve made blankets , mask, bags, jewelry. I make things out of nothing like ornaments out of biscuit cans( yes biscuit cans I use every part of them and No one knows it originally started as a biscuit can) and attach photos on them, deck them all out, and make memory ornaments that can get passed down for generations to come. I can’t afford to go out and buy new stuff every year or just because I’m tired of the same ol thing. I send things I make by hand to everyone I care about. I was always told handmade shows someone you really thought about them instead of just going and buying anything you think they’ll like .More thought into a gift shows more love is what grams always said.

I’ll look at things and dream about having it one day or look at vacation sites and dream about being there and picking my spot and dream of being there seeing a picture of the beach with a sunset..I’ll pick my spot right over there and picture my self sitting there enjoying that sunset… but that’s as close as I ever get to my dreams and wants. Because that’s all I can afford is to dream..dreaming don’t cost anything, and I don’t have to worry about getting lost..At my age memory goes and driving alone..well I’m not good at.

I started of as a part time cashier that was working full time hours for many years and not getting the benefits of full time like vacations till recently. And still..I can’t go and do what I want. It takes me years to try and scrimp and save enough to do something I want to. Then when Im so close..something always.comes up and I have to use that savings for other things like brakes, waterpump, tires,or even groceries and bills because of a short check. My hours still vary week to week My money is used and divided up to pay bills and what is left isn’t much at all …less than 20$ some weeks if I’m lucky. I live paycheck to paycheck and stretch my paycheck as far as I can with what I get. My hours vary, according to the needs of the company. Some weeks I work 36-38 and other weeks I work 8-16.

This blog is about something I didn’t know, and the first part was to let you in a part of my life that has lead up to this. I was told this by a granddaughter before she blocked me on a social media site…So let’s see how many of you knew this.. or have had it happen to you..

if you don’t travel to visit you don’t love them ..always thought travel was both ways. Didn’t know grandparents have to do ALL the traveling…

Commenting on their post is trying to push into their lives and if you do be prepared to be ignored and or blocked

If you don’t live close you don’t know nothing about them.and no matter how much you keep in touch and check on them everyday you just never know them and your no better than a stranger

If a family member starts a business and you make a purchase to help support them, don’t do a review when you don’t get your items in 3 months because it will be your fault their business failed.

If they have a family member pass away, or a friend gets hurt, or someone gets married and post it..DON’T comment!!! It will make them think your trying to push your way in to their lives.

My oldest daughter is from a rape case when I was 14 and I gave her up for adoption to a very nice family that was well off. Both were collage professors, already had a nice home and had been trying a long time to have children. They gave her everything I couldn’t and so much more .I got to occasionally see pictures of her as she was growing up, and once seen her from a distance at my Aunts 50th birthday party. When she turned 18 we got to meet face to face, I also got to meet my 1st great grandson at the same time when he was very little. and when my granddaughter was born I wasn’t there but I watched her grow up in pictures .and got to see her once when she was a flower girl in my 2nd daughters wedding before her dad got mad and drug them all back home Said because we were drinking and celebrating the wedding we were alcoholics and he didn’t want his family exposed to that,because he came from an alcoholic family and knew what it was like.We have stayed in touch and Since we don’t live close the only way we kept in contact was by phone or social media. Its my only connection to seeing everyone .

I loved watching them granddaughter was into softball and was really good at it.She was one Heck of a pitcher and wipped that ball fast!!.She was also into photography and took some amazing pictures. She even got my mom’s 35mms camera and all the fancy lenses she had when she passed away. My grandson was of course into cars and motorcycles and was always showing me the cool stuff he did.Seen pictures of trips they took and prom ohhh that was the best seeing them all dressed up and grown up. I talked often with my granddaughter, my grandson was always busy with cars or his girlfriend’s so we didn’t talk much. When my granddaughter would feel depressed I was there either on the phone or on social media to cheer her up talk to her, helped her when she went thru some tough relationships breakups.. or at least I thought I helped..

I was one of the first ones that got the news that she was pregnant with my 1st great granddaughter,I was so excited.Got to see pictures of my great granddaughter born, growing up, changing ,laughing. Smiling, cutting her first teeth,her first experience at the beach and the lake with her mommy, daddy, and other grandparents. I was in heaven watching this little angel grow up, even if it was just in pictures,and I wasn’t close enough to visit. My granddaughter and I use to talk all the time and I was saving and planning a vacation to go up surprise them and see everyone when Covid hit…and that changed everything.

The nice people that adopted my daughter when I was 14 ended up getting covid and both passed away within a year of each other,God bless and rest their souls… needless to say it devastated them all very much.My granddaughter was very devastated to say the least..they were her world..and when that happened our relationship ended as well….she didn’t want anything from me, she didn’t want Me to offer my condolences…she grew very angry that God took away the two that meant the world to her..

I would comment on her post.. she wouldn’t acknowledge it.. I sent my condolences.. and still nothing.. they had to sell their grandparents house and she posted pictures of it.. I commented how it would be nice if the house could stay in the family to continue making memories there that they loved to visit so much… still nothing…. wished her a happy birthday … nothing… wished my great granddaughter a happy birthday ūüéā… and still nothing…. my granddaughter got married,to a very nice young man and has been a great dad to my great granddaughter, I congratulated them I wished her the best and still nothing. I was wondering what I did wrong why she wasn’t talking to me…I asked her mom, I asked my other kids if they had any idea why she wasn’t talking to me..I even messages her and No one knew and she didn’t reply until later.

She sent me a very hurtful message saying she didn’t need Me to be in her life. Didn’t want me in her life because if I couldn’t come see her then I didn’t love her or know her. Said all my little comments were unneeded and unwanted. All she wanted in her life was her grandparents that passed and I was not going to work my way in and try to be what she called “#1 grandma” with all my comments. Said I knew nothing about her and she wanted nothing to do with me. She didn’t understand why After so long of not coming to see them that all of a sudden I was interested in coming when she found out I had planned on coming up till covid hit. She said I ruined her business by leaving a negative review when I didn’t receive what I purchaded which was 3 months over due..the review I left just said package not received and was wondering where it was..she refunded my money said it was lost in the mail..but the tracking I go said it was waiting for the merchandise to be shipped and that only a label was created. That’s as far as it got…So..I got blocked on social media

Now I can’t see anything about her.. or my great granddaughter,and that hurts very deeply because I have found out thru the grape vine she is due to have her second child this October.. My world has crashed.. And I don’t understand why…. Sure I have other grandkids and some great grandkids thru the relationship I’m in… but it’s not the same as your own blood relation. Am I wrong for wanting to be a part of their lives.. I was told to just give her time she will come aound, but I know how she is.. once she sets her mind that’s it… she even has her own brother blocked on social media for some disagreement they had..

will she ever realize even though I didn’t travel to see her as often as I wanted to but wished I could..that I did love her? Will she ever realize how much her harsh words cut to my soul? Will she ever know how much I truly do love her before my time is up? Will my great grand kids ever get the chance to see me or know who I really am before I die? Will she ever realize that every comment I made I made it because I truly care and love her?

well guess II’ll never know the these questions.. and it eats at me inside every day.. I see pictures of my daughter doing kidney dialysis every day and it hurts because I can’t be there to help her thru this while she waits on a kidney donor. She’s staying strong as she can because she has so much to live for..a beautiful young precious little granddaughter and another one on the way in October. My heart and prayer go out constantly to her and to my granddaughter carrying this new baby due in Oct. I know I’m to blame for my daughter’s kidney problems and if anything happends…my granddaughter will lash out at me for that as well..I don’t know how to make this right..can our relationship even be fixed.. I don’t know… she don’t know what it’s like to be away from ones you love and be blocked . I hope and pray she never had to feel this pain when her children grow up and have lives of their own. Maybe then and only then will she understand the hurt I feel..but by then..I’ll already be long gone, And she won’t be able to hear me say I forgive you because I love you..

Thank you for taking the time to read my venting..please keep my family in your prayers. Pray God will open my granddaughter heart and show her time is to precious to stay mad and angry over small stuff. Open her mind and help her to understand There are things out of people’s control.. We can’t stop death.. we don’t have money trees to always be able to pick from when we want to go do something.. We wish we had one but that don’t happen. Only way that happened is have so much extra money you can afford to travel and do what you want when ever you want. She makes trips a couple of times a year to go see other family members, but never once came to see her… guess I just wasn’t worth her time..

I guess it’s true life is not Always What you want it to be…so make the best of what you have, pray for those that turn their backs on you .Love your family even if you disagree, and no matter how much distance is between always be there for them in someway. And most importantly…cherish every moment you have with your family because you never know when it will be your last…

today is my 61st birthday and I don’t know if she will see this or not. Probably won’t but I’ll say this anyway… what ever I’ve done wrong to anger you.. I’m sorry… I’m sorry for not being around…, I’m sorry for not having the money to come visit I know I’m not the best but I try my best . I’m trying to understand why you don’t want me in your life, and I will accept your choice no matter how much it hurts . I hope and pray someday you never have to feel this kinda pain of rejection from your daughter or granddaughter. And if we never talk again before I pass..just know this….I forgive you and I will forever love you and send angels to watch over you and your family..

Gettin Older

Good Morning everyone, grab a quick cup of coffee with me and sit with me just for a¬† few. If you need a cup I got a fresh pot on and I’ll pour you a cup. This morning is my 57th birthday and it’s going to be a good day I can feel it in my bones!!

I don’t feel any older but when I look in the mirror, I see wrinkles I never seen before, gray hair popping out everywhere! (which I have earned every one I have) I have to look real close to the mirror to even be able to see good to put on makeup these days, which I don’t wear much of any more, I figured if you don’t like how I look now then you don’t have to be looking .I got spider veins all over my legs, and I don’t even like spiders so how did I get them… lol But you want to know something….. I feel good!!! I mean I may be over weight by the Dr’s standards , and may have some aches and pains from time to time but all in all I feel good.
I love my life, I have been blessed to have 6 wonderful kids ( who by the way gave me every grey hair I have earned) My Children have given me so far 9-12 wonderful and very beautiful grand kids ( some by blood some not but to me they are all special) , and through this relationship I am in now I have also become a GREAT Grand very handsome young man.

Birthdays isn’t about getting gifts any more ( but hey I wont turn them down either) they are another year to celebrate all the good things in my life , all the beautiful things I have seen and got to experience. It’s another year to start enjoying more in life that is going to be full of surprises and adventures. I know all will not be good ones, because nothing in life always goes just like you want them to, life isn’t a bowl full of cherries with out the pits like they say … but you can learn from the bad and get valuable lessons from them… This I have learned over all these years so far.
Something else I learned …. you NEVER take for granted anything because one day you will have it and the next it may be gone… be thankful for what you do have, don’t wish and want for more than you can grasp, there is a reason you don’t always get what you want in life, live life to its fullest that you can, smile and laugh often is words I always heard people say but never really understood them till I started this old age thing.Now I do just that… Live, laugh, love and smile often.
Birthdays are a day of celebration because that was the first day you came into this world, and to me I celebrate being here still able to enjoy every little thing I can. Like the beauty of a single daisy standing tall.. all alone blooming, along the road I walk trying to get in my 10,000 steps. (which I haven’t got to yet but I will) A deer in the field grazing and looks up at me but doesn’t run away and just goes back to eating as I snap a picture, the cows looking at me with those big beautiful brown eyes like I’m a crazy woman who talks to them as I go past them not once but twice… I tell them shhh …don’t tell everyone but I am a bit crazy.

I enjoy being able to take something plain like beads and string and turn it into beautiful bracelets to give to people to brighten up their day. I made these Morse Code bracelets for a few friends,that spells out special messages just for them.058

I enjoy¬† taking yarn and crocheting a blankets to help keep ¬†my family and friends I care about¬† warm, the picture on the left is how most of the time I get to crochet, while cuddling with my fur babies and the right one is how it turned out when I was finished.They say every crocheted always gives a part of themselves in everything that they make and it’s true.look closely to any hand made gift and you will see some small part of the maker.



I’ve made hats for my partner, (above)sewing pocket warmers for my son who is homeless to help keep him a little warmer in Michigan, and¬† crocheting scarves, and ornaments for co workers,and family member’s as well as a few little gifts for special customers, and people I care about.


I get joy out of doing little things for others and watching their faces light up, and knowing I did something good for someone else…. I did my good deed for another day.

I enjoy the beautiful sun rises and sun sets I have been able to see every morning and evening along my walks and from my front porch


,the smile from a stranger, a good hug , the voice of my children when they call, watching my older brother do his video gaming, and listening to his commentary and re-enactments of Fifty Shades of Grey…omg sooo funny!!! Seeing strangers come into the store I work at sometimes a bit grumpy but by the time they leave they walk out the door with a smile I have given them, a simple thank you when I help someone having troubles getting around and I help them take groceries out to their car, little things in life to me mean so much more now than they use to.
I guess what I’m getting at here is that getting older isn’t so bad, it all depends on how you look at it and deal with it all and I feel like the good lord has blessed me and given me 57 wonderful years so far to enjoy, and I plan on enjoying many more….and I hope you all do the same.
Well guess that’s it for this one , I hope you enjoyed your quiet time with me this morning /evening… until our next coffee break time … enjoy the little things in life, and if you feel like leaving a comment and letting me know what little things in your life that makes you smile the most than please do feel free to do so I would love to hear from you all.
Have a wonderful day everyone ………….. till next time sip your coffee slowly and try to enjoy life around you .

Feelings Of Love

Good Morning …. Have you gotten your cup of coffee yet?? If not I’ll wait here while you do… lets share a cup together this morning.cropped-1520973441.jpg

Okay just want to start off by saying Good Morning to everyone joining me this morning for this cup of coffee. I know some of you are probably really busy this morning, so I wont make this a long one this morning. Just wanted to talk to ya about the feelings of Love…
I just celebrated my 9 year anniversary with my sweetheart¬† and it feels great!!¬† Every day I wake up and look at him it feels like the first day we meet. Have you ever had the feeling of … wow I’ve known this person it seems like all my life?? Or it feels so comfortable and right, Like I know we have meet before … but where??

Do you ever get the butterfly feeling deep in your stomach every time they come near… like a school kid who has a crush on someone???¬† Or ever start to get tingles all over, and an uncontrollable smile comes across your face just from the slightest touch from them… or from just thinking of them???

Does your knees ever go weak and you just feel like melting when they hug and kiss you or reach out and ever so slightly touch you?? Do you wish that time would hurry up and go by so you can get out of where you are just to get back with that special someone???
After 3 failed marriages I thought the feeling of love for me was lost… that it was a unreal… that it was just something made up in fairy tales… that it never really existed. When people said it, they were just making it up trying to make their lives sound good for others.I thought it was something you only read in books or seen in movies. I questioned if it was real….does it really exist??

I had those feelings with my 1st marriage , guess it was just because I got married so young and had a baby on the way at the age of 16, everything was so brand new and exciting. Shortly after that and the kids kept popping out( 4 total with my 1st husband) That  exciting feeling faded away and after 14 years of not knowing how to get those feelings back or what to do one problem lead to another and we finally split up.I thought then those feelings would never come back for me.
I will admit I was wrong….. YES… you read it right… This woman admits when she is wrong. I have learned that over the years if you are wrong admit it.. don’t be bull headed and think you always have to be right about things. It will cause problems that sometimes can be UN-fixable.

Those Feelings of Love are REAL…. They do exist…. if you don’t have them you need to figure out how you can get them back.
How about holding hands and going for a walk with that special someone… or how about going to a favorite spot down by a lake or a river or stream with a picnic basket and just enjoy your time together


Watch a sunset while holding hands all cuddled up together..chucks-ipad-350

How about just making a surprise dinner for them and have it by candle light…. maybe sitting on their lap and kissing and holding them tenderly, after a long day.¬† Even just doing something small for them that you may not think is important shows love and in turn makes you both feel good. It has a tendency to kick start those feelings of love to get you back to where you belong.

You could make them a good breakfast, wake them up with a gentle hug and kiss, cuddle up with them on the couch under a warm blanket and watch your favorite movie after a hard day, have a glass of tea,pop,anything they enjoy drinking waiting for them when they get home, Give each other a massage, have a foot soak ready for your loved one if they are on their feet all day … ANYTHING to put that feeling of love back into your life will be well worth it!!!
Now I’m no expert on the feelings of Love I just know from experience that Love is like a photo….when you first feel it it is full of color like this ….

it warms you all over, it puts a never ending smile on your face, you see everything different, it puts a pep in your step, it makes you feel like a school kid with a crush, it puts butterflies in your tummy, makes your knees weak when they are close by, and gives you those tingles…
But as time goes by and you get sometimes too comfortable with each other, you don’t do as much together. You sit in separate chairs and not speak or laugh together, you pretty much just exist together. Your lives become black and white… it looses the color…the pizazz, the feelings, the closeness, the butterflies in the tummy, the weak knees when you touch each other, that special feeling you once felt when you first meet each other.
People … don’t loose that in your lives, try to make everyday with that special someone special in some way. Even if it is just a small jester, tell them every morning how much you love them, show them in someway every day how much they mean to you. Cuddle with them in bed every night before you go to sleep don’t just get in bed say good night and each roll over away from each other and drift off to sleep. Keep your lives together full of those special moments that are unexpected to keep those feelings¬† of love flowing and growing. Like my Grandma use to say….
For with out Love in your life…
your relationships will be full of struggles and strife”.
Now with all this being said it is time for me to get off here and get my sweety a good dinner cooking for tonight, I’m going to make him one of his favorite dinners… Roast with potatoes and carrots in a crock pot, going to make some biscuits to go with it, sweet tea to drink, and an apple crisp for desert.
I truly hope that in some way this helps someone to put that “Feelings of Love” back into their lives not only on Valentine’s day but every day, and I thank you for sharing that coffee break with me once again this morning….. until next time … keep the Love flowing…

A New Year

Good morning everyone and thank you for stopping by here.Come grab a cup of coffee and join me for a spell, let’s talk about what the new year has in store for us. I just finished brewing a fresh pot of coffee over here on the counter and there is some different flavored creamers if you want any, just help your self. Oh hint try the vanilla caramel with some hazelnut and chocolate mixed together I think you’ll really like it. I think it gives your coffee¬† an expensive take out flavor with out the big cost.Yum Yum

Any way…We have made it though another year of the hectic holidays. All the running here and there, trying to find the right gifts for this one and that one. There is one gift I know good old Santa brought a lot of people it is the gift of what I like to call the crud.You know the congestion, sore throat, can’t breath, hurts when you cough ( or as I do bark), fever, diarrhea, and some even had an upset stomach with it. Me being a cashier at a popular retail store , everyone was coming in sick as a dog coughing all over everything so I tried my best to steer clear of it.I sanitized my hands after every transaction, tried to keep at least an arm’s length away from the sick ones, and wiped down the counters and keyboard with Lysol.¬† That was one gift I didn’t want for the holidays, and I avoided getting it pretty good till after the new year then it hit me hard … BAM !!!!

So now here I sit, sicker than a dog, writing out my 1st new years blog and can’t hardly breathe.¬† I’ve got my own little trash can¬† I carry with me , I made it from an empty gallon bucket of ice cream we had. I cut a small hole in the lid so tissues don’t fall out but can be pushed in, and when its full I take off the lid dump it and sanitize it to start¬† all over again , it works great and has a handle so I can carry it into any room I go into .I’ve been doing breathing treatments with my Nebulizer 4 times a day to get this crud out of my lungs,and using my inhaler between breathing treatments like Dr said.(when ever I get sick it settles hard in my lungs since I was born with bronchitis and asthma) ¬† I’m¬† also taking antihistamines to dry up the drippy nose, and when it stops completely up I use Vicks menthol save under the nose to be able to open it up just a bit so I can breathe. You know the routine one of those deals not happy either way it goes… nose stopped up… not happy , nose running off your face … not happy. Along with all that and trying to cough up a lung or two every now and then,I’m using¬† Ricola cough drops for my sore throat and to help ease the coughing, and taking aspirin for my achy body and fever.

Shew… getting sick really sucks, because I hate taking all these meds, not to mention loosing out on time on my paycheck since I haven’t been working that many hours ( only working about 15 hrs a week) during the holidays to begin with. BUT …. looking on the brighter side of things, I’m not out in this cold and snow trying to drive and sliding off the roads right now, and I’m trying to catch up on some crochet¬† projects between bouts of sleeping off and on through out the day. I have 2 C2C blankets( Corner 2 Corner-starts in one corner and finishes up in opposite¬† corner) I have started but ran out of the colors I need to complete them. So to use my scrap balls of yarn that I do have I joined a BOMCAL ( Block Of the Month Crochet A Long) club and seen the 1st squares they posted for the month of Jan and they are really beautiful!!¬† They post 2¬† 12-inch squares and a six-inch square¬† each month, one looks simple, one looks a bit tricky and one a bit advanced for this lefty. They have a few stitches in it I have never tried before but looking forward to trying to do them successfully. I’m a lefty so a lot of the videos I have watched to teach me how to do different things with crochet has all mostly been for right-handed people, and trying to reverse it for this lefty is trickier than it may sound , things just don’t come out looking like in the videos for me sometimes. So Will see how this goes this year.

I’ve also taken up a new hobby since my sweetheart was so loving and got me a sewing machine last year for Christmas. I’ve made a few things on it , no really big projects yet¬† but I have made some good ones. I have made a few coasters, a mini wallet for sweety since he don’t like carrying a regular wallet says it’s too bulky, a few small pillows, a chap stick holder to go on my key chain, and a cup caddy to hold some sewing supplies I use, and a journal cover for my craft ideas book I keep . I found 2 tee shirts at a thrift store, both the same of the little boy on Christmas Story. It has a bull’s-eye with the boys face in front with the saying around it ” You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out ” so I turned one into a pillow cover for one of my sons since that is his favorite movie and wore the other one to work when they said we could wear Christmas shirts the week before Christmas.

It’s really hard for me to go into Wal-Mart now without going to the sewing area or the yarn area¬† ( which are back to back at this store near me ) to see what they have new I would like to eventually get, since I can’t afford to get it all at once. Sometimes I feel just like a kid in a candy store, I could spend hours there just looking , envisioning projects coming together, planning, feeling, matching colors, wanting this one and that one, and my voice inside me yelling at me saying ” Get it… GET IT… and that one too!!”. Sometimes it is very hard for me to resist, I already got a whole box of what they call fat quarters just waiting for a project to come along,a couple of yards for pretty fabric I just couldn’t leave without, and some clearance remnants¬† of fabric¬† that aren’t quite a yard or have something slightly wrong waiting for that one project that yells to me “Please use meeee”!!!

Well that’s about it for me on what I got planned for this new year,¬† I’ll just take this year one day at a time and see where it takes me.One thing I did tell myself I will honestly try to do this year is keep a better blog, I mean this I believe is only my second one since I learned about blogging and I want to do more this year . I will always have a pot of coffee on and hot for when we get together, hope you enjoyed your coffee with me today, it is always nice to share coffee with others.

I want to thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to stop and read my Break Time post, it means a lot to me. So if you would…please leave a comment below as to what you think, or have planned for this new year if you feel up to it. I would love to hear back from my readers.¬† So till the next time we meet up…

May your days be sunny, and your nights be blessed, may you always know you are welcome here for some coffee and a quick sit down rest…..

Colors Of Love…

I Had wrote a poem once and named it the Colors of Love and wanted to share it today… it goes like thisChucks Ipad 066

You have colored my world red,orange,yellow, green,indigo,purple and blue,

and when I drift off to sleep at night I have sweet dreams of you.

You have become my brightest yellow sunshine even in the rain,

your touch chases away those blue dark feelings, and drive away any pain.

Can I color you a bright orange or a fire truck red???

Can I kiss and hold you passionately tonight as we snuggle up in bed.

Your eyes just melt me with that sexy green with speckles of gold,

Will you let me forever love you even after we get OLD??

You make me all warm and cozy like the color of indigo,

even when its freezing outside with over 4 feet of snow.

You have colored many of my nights purple with silver linings of grey,

because our hearts have been joined together more with each passing day.

Thank you for the colors you have  given me and brought into my life,

thank you for the joys we have shared and for making me your wife.